Culture and Benefits

At JT Wimsatt, our employees
are our greatest asset and
are an integral part to the
company's success.

The pride we have at JT Wimsatt Contracting Company, Inc. and the service we provide to our customers is the reason we have grown in the past and expect to grow in the future.

Mutual respect for one another is a basic ingredient to work together and reach common goals at JT Wimsatt Contracting Company, Inc.. The ease and freedom with which we communicate is also important. Only with the contribution and effort of our employees can we expect to meet our common goals and continue the growth of the company. At JT Wimsatt Contracting Company, Inc. we know that our employees are important to our success. In addition to competitive wages, we offer a variety of benefit plans to assist employees with their personal needs. Our basic medical plans are offered at no charge to the employee. Plans with more options, as well as coverage for dependents, and for dental and vision care, are offered at insurance premiums that give employees a choice for the type of coverage best suited to their circumstances. To help our employees and their families prepare for the future, we also offer Life Insurance at no charge to the employee. In addition, a 401(k) savings plan, with a company match based upon a percentage of the employee contribution, is available.

Of course there are also holidays, sick time and vacation days to take care of family celebrations, injuries or illnesses, and rest and recreation. Just as we do with our projects, we want to provide a concrete foundation of culture and benefits for our employees to build their careers upon. We invite you to consider JT Wimsatt Contracting Company, Inc. See our “Employment Opportunities” section below where you can explore our current job openings. If you believe you are qualified for one of these positions, please email your resume to, or send it to our Corporate Office, attention: “Human Resources.”

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