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JT Wimsatt Contracting Company, Inc. is now part of the World of Concrete Crews That Rock Hall of Fame for the UCSD CTRI Project!


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JT Wimsatt Contracting Company, Inc.


The UCSD SIO NIST Marine Ecosystem Sensing, Observation and Modeling Laboratory is a building for research and education in marine ecosystems, climate variability and change and marine ecosystem forecasting. The structure facilitates the coordination of interrelated marine ecosystem research in various disciplines in one centralized location.


JT Wimsatt’s crew of 30 worked on the structural concrete portion of this project. We used regionally sourced Type III concrete in the walls and elevated decks, most of which remains exposed on the interior and exterior of the building. The building’s structure is exposed architectural cast-in-place concrete shear walls, elevated slabs with slab on grade and a system of spread footings. This three-story, 40,000-square-foot laboratory opened in June 2013.


Safety played a huge role with very limited space, having to use a mobile crane around the site to access different areas.It was imperative that the crew and the other subs knew exactly when and where the equipment was moving within any given day. Pre-tasks and JHAs helped keep everyone aware and a full-time safety manager made sure everything was in order on every phase.


The MESOM Laboratory is currently tracking to meet LEED Platinum with strategies that include:

·      Natural ventilation and passive heating for all offices and work space

·      Regionally sourced materials for the exposed concrete structure

·      Exposed concrete structure to provide thermal mass

·      Carefully analyzed and reduced air flows in the laboratories

·      Water efficient landscaping focused on restoring native coastal plant species

·      Use of FSC certified wood at exterior siding and shade screens

·      Use of high solar reflectance index roofing materials

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